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“Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures throughout all generations.  The Lord sustains all who fall and raises up all who are bowed down.”  (Psalm 145:13-14)

In the mystery of this fallen world, the Lord foreknows those who will come by grace into His eternal and loving arms.  He also knows the ones who will continue in rebellion.  It is not a matter of getting things right, for no one is able.  It is a matter of trusting the One who made all things.  Come into the presence of the Lord and know that in Him are promises which are fulfilled to bring true life.

Lord, help me to see through the mess of this age and know that only in Your presence is it possible to see the life that You give.  Lift me up, for I have fallen.  Guide me along the paths of righteousness according to Your Word.  Lead me in the way You know I need to go that I might abide now, and forever walk humbly in Your presence.  Show me how to be righteous even as You are righteous.

Lord Jesus, You have come to establish Your everlasting kingdom through grace and mercy.  Teach me Your ways and lead me to follow them.  Break through the noise of this age and help me always to see that You alone know all that is needed.  Lift me up and set my feet on the path You know I need to walk.  Let me live in Your dominion and follow You all the days of my life.  Amen.