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“Mountains and all hills; fruitful trees and all cedars; beasts and all cattle; creeping things and flying fowl;” (Psalm 148:9-10)

In season, each of the trees God created bear their fruit.  In season, each of the plants and animals follow what the Lord has created for them to do.  Each has their part in the created order of things.  In the simplicity of what we see every day, what the Lord has created brings continued life into our world.  Be amazed at all the Lord has done and be one of His creatures who lives according to His will.

Lord, open my eyes to see what is plainly visible.  Nature follows Your created order of things.  Keep my eyes on what You have done to see the overwhelming evidence of what creation has been from the beginning.  Guide me to see things as they are and then to see Your hand upon all that You have made.  Teach me to give thanks for the marvels of Your creation and its order.

Lord Jesus, You have come to lead the way in living the godly life.  Guide me according to Your Word to do what is right and fitting.  Help me to see that Your grace is to enable me to get back on track when I fall away, but that my first call is to simply be whom You have made me to be according to the Father’s will.  Lead me, O Lord, in the way of goodness and truth.  Amen.