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“If any man’s work which he has built on it remains, he will receive a reward.  If any man’s work is burned up, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire”  (1 Corinthians 3:14-15).

Keep in mind the context.  This is not a “do good works for a reward”, but in the context of walking with the Lord faithfully.  What you do in this life will ultimately either fall in the category of being in accord with the Lord’s will or else, against it.  Therefore, do that which is pleasing to the Lord and increasingly become more like Christ.  The question is: how much of yourself will you take into eternity?

Lord, lead me in such a way that those good things which are Christ-like dwell richly in me.  Let me not be caught up in this world’s nonsense.  Help me to focus on having a character that is pleasing in Your sight.  Aid me to do what You give me to do knowing that only that which is in accord with Your will shall last.  Guide me, Lord, toward the goal of growing as Your disciple.

Lord Jesus, You have come to lead the way.  I am often distracted and wander in many directions.  Lead me in the Father’s will to be whom You are making me to be.  Guide me to be obedient and simply obey when You ask me to do something.  Help me see clearly the difference between what is pleasing to You and what is being offered by the world.  Keep me in the way of faithfulness.  Amen.

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