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“Was any man called when he was already circumcised? He is not to become uncircumcised. Has anyone been called in uncircumcision? He is not to be circumcised.   Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but what matters is the keeping of the commandments of God” (1 Corinthians 7:18-19).

What we do in the flesh is nothing when compared to what Christ has done for us.  What shall we say of our works?  They are nothing.  The Lord has called us into His order of things and seeking to live in harmony with the Lord’s will in the heart that Christ has given is the place where we need to start.  When you have perfected that, then move on to other things.

Lord, help me see that only in Christ am I able to become what You desire me to be.  Guide me according to Your goodness to see that in You alone is hope.  Guide me in Your law that I would strive to do good, yet know that all goodness is possible only because of You.  Lead me in Your goodness in all humility that I may now and always abide in the truth of Your love and live according to Your will. 

Lord Jesus, You are the One who has lived the perfect human life.  Guide me, O Lord, in the way of truth that I may now and always abide in You and You in me.  Teach me the things I need to know.  Make me a diligent student of the Word You have given.  In and through all things, help me to become what You are making of me.  You alone are the author of my faith and in You alone is completeness.  Amen