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“However not all men have this knowledge; but some, being accustomed to the idol until now, eat food as if it were sacrificed to an idol; and their conscience being weak is defiled. But food will not commend us to God; we are neither the worse if we do not eat, nor the better if we do eat” (1 Corinthians 8:7-8).

It is not what we do on the outside that means anything. Some stumble because their piety seems more important than what is driving that piety. Do not be driven by what you think or your actions, but by the One who has created you. Yes, when you do good this is right, but doing right is from what has happened because of grace. Live in the freedom the Lord gives in faith.

Lord, there is a time and place to think and do, but help me see that no matter what I do it is You alone who enables me to do good. Help me to mature so that I am not caught up in the elemental things without realizing that it must be You above all things. Lead me in faith to come to that place where I look to You as the source of all that I am. Guide me in this upward call now and forever.

Lord Jesus, You have given us the example of the godly life. Lead me to be faithful knowing that faith itself is a gift You give. Guide me according to Your goodness to know that in You alone is the hope that I may not become caught up in some kind of works-righteousness way of living. You have freed me by grace to be forever Yours. Lead me in this call You have given me. Amen.