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“Since there is one bread, we who are many are one body; for we all partake of the one bread.  Look at the nation Israel; are not those who eat the sacrifices sharers in the altar?” (1 Corinthians 10:17-18)

The Lord has come that all who are in Him might be one even as the Lord is One.  There is great mystery in all the Lord is doing, for He who is eternal has come into our temporal world that we might follow Him into eternity.  This faith is not to be figured out, but lived.  Grow in wisdom and follow the Lord all the days of this life, being prepared to be with Him forever in the world to come.

Lord, in this age of reason rather than faith I want to figure things out.  There are some things that cannot be figured out because of the temporal reality in which I live.  Lead me to live by faith not as one who is blind, but as one who sees Your eternal light shining in the darkness of this world and by it sees all else.  Guide me, Lord, in the way of truth that I may now and always abide in the light of Your presence.

Lord Jesus, You have come to lead the way for as many as would follow You out of the darkness of this age and into the light of the glory of the Father which You have revealed.  Lead me, O Lord, in the way of truth that I may learn to humbly abide in the grace You have given knowing that in You alone is the hope for all people.  Lead me in the way of salvation that I would walk with You now and always.  Amen.