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“Some of the people therefore, when they heard these words, were saying, “This certainly is the Prophet.” (John 7:40)

We marvel at amazing words that speak truth. Here today and tomorrow, do we actually take in the words that impact us, or do we move on? Jesus is giving us the Word of life and asks that we believe. He wants us to live into this hope and promise that we will be united in Christ for eternity to the glory of the Father.

I hear Your words, Lord Jesus, but I often do not act upon them. In the living water You have given me, motivate me to become a person of action. Help me live into the life that I will live in eternity knowing that You have come to lead as many as will believe into a new life. Help me live that life today and not just think nice things about what You say.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for those who have given witness of the truth of who You are. Help me take in that witness and then be a witness not because someone else said it, but because I believe it. Grant today that I would speak of what You have done not only for others, but also for me in the truth of the Gospel You offer to all. Amen.

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