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“The officers then came to the chief priests and Pharisees, and they said to them, “Why did you not bring Him?” (John 7:45)

Expectations of others are always upon us. The officers were sent into a crowd, split by what Jesus was saying. The chief priests wanted to get rid of Jesus. The tension between those who listen to the Good Words of Jesus and those who want to get rid of Him remains. Manipulation, blame and demands will never rid the world of the truth. The truth abides and cannot be gotten rid of.

Lord, help me to not get caught up in the speculations or demands of others that would cause me to go against You. Grant that I would live into the life You have always intended, knowing that You have the Words of eternal life. Grow me into that life more and more each day as I prepare, with God’s help, to live the perfect life of eternity.

Lord Jesus, You have shown me how to be bold for the truth. Help me to stand firm in the face of those who have ideas other than the truth and desire for me to live them. Grant that I would live according to Your Word today and share Your truth through my life this day. May the Holy Spirit guide me in all truth that I may not yield to any falsehood. Amen.

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