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“But God gives it a body just as He wished, and to each of the seeds a body of its own. All flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one flesh of men, and another flesh of beasts, and another flesh of birds, and another of fish”(1 Corinthians 15:38-39).

Every seed that God creates does what He determines needs to be done. Do not marvel that the Lord does these things. All of creation is a marvel of the mighty work of the Lord. Marvel that God has planted His seed in you that you may become like Christ. Do not worry about what you will become, but focus upon what He has given you, that you may become like Christ in every way.

Lord, lead me in the way I need to go, for You know what You have planted in me. Let me not focus upon what I can do, but upon what You are doing in me. Let me look to You always and not ponder how You do what You do, but marvel that You are always at work in creating the perfect creation of eternity, Lead me away from myself and ever more deeply into You.

Lord Jesus, You have come to lead the way for all who come through You into the eternal promises You have given and made possible. Let me not linger over those things I do not yet understand, but help me pour myself into the very reality that is before me. Guide me in the upward way of salvation that I may now and always live into the life which You have set before me. Amen.