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“On behalf of such a man I will boast; but on my own behalf I will not boast, except in regard to my weaknesses.  For if I do wish to boast I will not be foolish, for I will be speaking the truth; but I refrain from this, so that no one will credit me with more than he sees in me or hears from me” (2 Corinthians 12:5-6).

In all things, look to that which will edify without bringing harm.  Learn where you may instruct when given the opportunity, and never think more of yourself than you ought.  These principles are true and useful.  Give thanks that the Lord has reached into your heart and granted You the words of eternal life.  Boast not of yourself but in the Lord, and give thanks for all He gives.

Lord, teach me that I may learn from You.  You do give the words of everlasting life, but I often fall short of them because I want to believe what I want to believe.  Lead me out of myself and into You.  By whatever means and through whomever You send my way, teach me, lead me, and help me to receive You however and whenever You come to me.  Teach me to be humble, Lord.

Lord Jesus, You are always at work.  What You have done from the cross ripples through all time.  As many as believe, You give the power to be children of the Father.  Lead me, Lord, and tell me what is right and what is wrong.  Keep me in the truth of Your eternal and everlasting Words of life.  Amen.

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