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“Where then is that sense of blessing you had? For I bear you witness that, if possible, you would have plucked out your eyes and given them to me” (Galatians 4:15).

Some are very emotional and driven by their feelings.  In the beginning and with excitement, they go into the world happy and filled with emotion.  But then time wears the emotions down and a dullness may replace the original joy.  It really does not matter; emotions work this way with all things.  Do not be driven by your emotions, but by the One who created you and all things.

Lord, help me see how I am tossed about by my feelings.  Not that there is anything wrong with feelings, it is just that feelings are untrustworthy.  Lead me, O Lord, in the way of truth that no matter how I feel I would be guided in the truth of Your presence and purpose.  Guide me. O Lord. so that I may learn to live life as You have created it to be lived.  Teach me the way of life and how to live it according to Your will.

Lord Jesus, You have shown us the way of life.  You told us to always look to the Father and to seek to do what is pleasing to Him.  Lead me this day, O Lord, that I would learn from Your example how to live.  Let me not be overly emotional, but fervent in commitment.  Guide me to grow in wisdom and maturity.  Lead me to be one who is consistent in faith and life by always looking to You.  Amen.