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“But I, brethren, if I still preach circumcision, why am I still persecuted? Then the stumbling block of the cross has been abolished.  I wish that those who are troubling you would even mutilate themselves” (Galatians 5:11-12).

Why do people stumble over the cross?  In part, it is because they do not want to submit to Christ.  The words may be there, but the struggle is to always be in control.  All authority and power belong to Christ.  Apart from Him is nothing.  Come then and be one who submits to the Lord of all.  Fighting against Him, as those of this age do, is futile.  Following Him is the way of everlasting life.

Lord, help me to see how simple in many ways all of this is. The game continues generation after generation and there are those who feed it all.  Let me not be caught up in the game but live in the life You have promised.  Help me to know that in You is all hope and a future.  Let me not listen to those who would lead me astray but follow You in all things and learn from You.

Lord Jesus, You went to the cross because it was what was needed.  Help me to understand more fully that You call for me to pick up my cross and follow You.  Guide me, O Lord, in the way of truth that I would forever be led by You, the truth, and walk in the way in which You direct me.  Help me to know that in You alone is all hope and the only future anyone could want.  Amen.