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“For this reason I too, having heard of the faith in the Lord Jesus which exists among you and your love for all the saints, do not cease giving thanks for you, while making mention of you in my prayers” (Ephesians 1:15-16)

We all need encouragement.  Listen to the Word and be uplifted up in the truth of grace which has been purchased for us by our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Give thanks for those who are faithful and have shared the Word with You.  Pray, so that others might receive what You have been given.  In and through all things, look to the Lord who provides in abundance for all our needs.

Lord, each day You provide for all of those who have need.  Guide me this day, O Lord, so that I would walk humbly with You, both giving thanks and praying for others as I have been prayed for.  Teach me to be like You, Jesus.  Help me in my journey of being conformed to Your likeness so that I would grow each day in the grace and mercy which uplifts all who believe and be prepared for all that is to come.

Lord Jesus, You have prepared the way for all of those who believe.  You prayed for the disciples and even for me in the garden.  You went to the cross so that all of those who follow You would not perish, but have everlasting life.  Guide me, O Lord, in the way You have prepared so that I may walk with You leading me this day, and humbly submit to Your guidance and authority.  Lead me, O Lord.  Amen.