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Lutheran CORE continues to provide monthly video reviews of books of interest and importance.  Many thanks to Brett Jenkins, NALC pastor and former member of our board, for doing this month’s video review.  Here is a synopsis of his review of the book Live Not by Lies by Rod Dreher.

“Support for free speech is plummeting among the young, while social mobbing and shouting have largely replaced principled debate on college campuses.  There are striking cultural parallels to the early 20th century in pre-totalitarian Germany, Italy, and Russia.   At a time when orthodox, Biblically serious Christians have increasingly found themselves not only culturally sidelined, but the objects of scorn and derision in the dominant Western culture, powerful new world-shaping technologies are changing communication and the market in ways whose closest parallel is the invention of the printing press… and the levers of power are in the hands of people who despise traditional Christians.  While the reader may have serious questions as to how accurately Rod Dreher has read the signs of our times, his book Live Not By Lies is a forceful and timely call for Christians to remember the truth of the old adage that, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’”

These reviews are posted on YouTube.  Brett’s review can be found here.  Our YouTube channel, which contains two other reviews, can be found here.  Many thanks to Chris Johnson, LCMC pastor, and David Charlton, ELCA pastor, for making the other two reviews.  Both Chris and David are members of our board.

Our plan is to publish a new video book review during the first week of every month.  Many of the books that will be reviewed are described in the List of Confessional Resources on the Seminarians page of our website.  That list can be found here. When you look at a video review for the first time, please click on the Subscribe button.  As enough people do that, it will eventually help us to get a channel name that will include our organization’s name.