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“Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16).

How often do people go through the motions and go with the flow.  We are called to follow Christ, which means going against the flow of culture.  Do not be conformed to this world, but be renewed in your mind in Christ so that you would be conformed to His image.  He will give you the wisdom you need.  He will guide you in all of your ways.  Make the most of these things and come into His presence and purpose.

Lord, I do go along to get along.  I do not fight the good fight, but fight against what You have established.  Lord, keep me from doing things in the way of the world.  Let me see where I am not being conformed to You, but to this world.  Teach me not so much to be a contrarian, but to hold fast to what is noble and true.  Let me not be one who compromises the truth.  Help me to see these things clearly.

Lord Jesus, You have come that we may have life and have it abundantly.  You have come that by grace we would be saved from the wickedness of this world.  Let me not fall back into the pit but come into Your power and live life as it is meant to be lived.  Guide me, O Lord, in the way of truth which You have established and grant wisdom so that I may discern which way to go each step of the way.  Amen.

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