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“This mystery is great; but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the church” (Ephesians 5:32).

Mystery is that which you see but cannot quite grasp how it is so.  We all have mysteries in our lives.  Now, consider the God beyond time, who shows up in our realm of reality.  Of course there is great mystery.  He shares a part of the mystery in His Triune self when He makes us in His image and then makes us male and female.  Great mystery is infused into the fabric of our being.

Lord, in our so-called scientific age where people believe that all questions can be answered (which is a lie of the devil, for if science could answer all its questions, why we are here will still be unanswered), help me to see that You are so deep and wide and that all of eternity is not enough to know You as You know each of us.  Help me to cherish the mysteries that abound in our world.

Lord Jesus, You are a mystery and yet You have come so that Your bride, the church, might be sanctified.  Lead me in the sanctified life You give in order that I may now and always be guided by You and the grace and mercy You give.  Help me not fall back from this faith, but practice it beginning with the challenge that you place before me with these verses.  Lead me to be faithful, Lord.  Amen.