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“Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace” (Ephesians 6:14-15)

It is not a matter of going out to the world on your own and figuring it out.  Too many think themselves a superhero and then go down in flames when adversity comes.  You have been given instructions to be prepared and do the work needed to be ready in the day of conflict.  Put on what the Lord gives so that when you are confronted with whatever may come, you will not fold.

Lord, it seems as though so many are unprepared for the fight in this age against principalities and forces.  Lead me, Lord, so that I may be armored and ready to fight against the forces of darkness that are all around me.  Teach me the truth so that I may not fall for what is false.   Grant me righteousness in order that I would not practice the hedonism of this age. Send me where I need to go.

Lord Jesus, You have given us all we need to live in this age which continues its rebellion in sin which leads to death.  Help me, O Lord, to see that in You is hope and the only future we could want.  Guide me and shield me for what has been prepared by You will enable me to fight the good fight and finish the race You have set before me.  Lead me now and always in the true way of faith so that I would indeed go into the next life as one of Your righteous ones.  Amen.

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