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“I have sent him to you for this very purpose, so that you may know about us, and that he may comfort your hearts” (Ephesians 6:22).

The Lord sends those who will instruct you and comfort you in His ways.  Do you listen to them?  So often, we are busy and distracted and do not listen to what the Lord would have us hear.  Repent of your closed ears and be willing to listen as the Lord speaks to you each day.  Be willing to receive what the Lord gives you, knowing that in Him is all hope and eternity.  Listen to the words of everlasting life.

Lord, I live in a world that is filled with noise.  So many have opinions about this, that, and the other thing.  Guide me, Lord, to live into the faith You have given me.  Help me see that only in You is there true hope.  Open my ears to hear and my eyes to see so that I would understand more fully this gift of new life You have given and the promise of eternal life that You have made.  Help me listen to You today!

Lord Jesus, You have the words of everlasting life.  To whom else can we go?  Yet I am distracted all day long and do not listen as You speak.  Kill the old Adam and raise the new person You spoke into being so that I may put into practice those things which lead into the life You give through faith.  Let me receive and give comfort in and through You and the way of grace You give.  Amen.