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“For indeed he was sick to the point of death, but God had mercy on him, and not on him only but also on me, so that I would not have sorrow upon sorrow” (Philippians 2:27).

It is good to care for those whom you know.  It is good to pray for those in need, but do not make demands in your prayers.  In all things, watch and see the hand of the Lord at work.  Through your prayer, the Lord will grant His grace and mercy according to His will.  Be content that the Lord has called you.  Abide in Him and He in you, for this is as He has told us it must be.  He is Lord and we are His creatures.

Lord, You know all that is needed.  You heal when You heal and bring home when You bring home those who are Yours.  Help me to learn to not be conditional in my faith, but recognize that You are Lord of all.  In and through all things, You have shone the light of Your glory that those who see may come in Your grace and mercy and abide with You unto eternal life.  Open the eyes of those around me to see.

Lord, You have opened my eyes so that I may see Your goodness and mercy.  Lead me, O Lord, in order that I may humbly walk with You today.  Guide me in the goodness of Your grace so that I would not seek to control but know that You are in control of all things.  Abide with me in those moments of trouble, enabling me to be led by You throughout the day to seek You alone, always, and for all things.  Amen.