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“Not that I seek the gift itself, but I seek for the profit which increases to your account.  But I have received everything in full and have an abundance; I am amply supplied, having received from Epaphroditus what you have sent, a fragrant aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well-pleasing to God” (Philippians 4:17-18).

Be encouraged and encourage others.  The Lord is working in all places and at all times.  Know that in the Lord you have great hope.  The Lord has amply supplied your every need.  Sadly, many will not avail themselves of what is available, but the Lord provides none-the-less.  Be guided in the Lord’s provision and know that He knows what you need even before you ask.

Lord, I try to figure things out.  Not that this is all bad, but often I forget that You have already made the plans for me and they are for good.  Help me to turn to You so that I would seek You first and learn what You have in mind.  Lead me, O Lord, in the way of truth and guide me according to Your will.  Lead me to encourage others as You have sent those who have encouraged me.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all that You have done and are doing.  You have led me through the cross into the light of Your glory.  You have provided for me every step of the way.  Draw me close to You so that I may, this day, be a little more conformed to Your image and be more like You.  Through all things, teach me to live in faith, hope, and love.  Guide me as You know I need to be guided.  Amen.