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“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit” (Philippians 4:23).

The Lord be with you!  Do you respond in kind that the Lord would be with the other’s spirit?  In our day, greetings often fly out which have no real meaning.  “Have a good one.”  A good what?  Trivial disconnect is the game of the wicked one.  The Lord has knit together His bride, the church, and He desires that we love one another.  Do you pray for the saints?  Do you desire for their spirit to be fed as you desire your spirit fed?

Lord, You have shown me these deeper things.  You have guided me by Your grace thus far.  Take me ever deeper into the realm of Your presence so that I may learn to desire for the other what I desire for myself.  Lead me, O Lord, into the grace and mercy You have for me.  Guide me so that I may walk the path You have set before me.  Lead me by Your Holy Spirit.

Come, Holy Spirit, and reach into my depths.  Grant that I would have the same desire for others that I have for myself.  Guide me now and always on the ever-deepening path of salvation into which I have come through the cross in order to learn how to be faithful.  Guide me this day and every day that You, Holy Spirit, would guide my spirit in the good depths of faith that are laid before me.  Lead on, O King Eternal!  Amen.

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