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“He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation” (Colossians 1:15).

Faith is the conviction of things not seen.  We are told plainly here who Jesus is: He is God.  The One who is invisible makes Himself visible by becoming the only begotten Son.  God from God, Light from light, Very God from Very God; these are the words spoken amidst the mystery of God made flesh.  Yes, Jesus and the Father are One.  God is our salvation just as the Old Testament says over and over again.

Lord, so few words that speak something that is beyond my ability to comprehend.  You have become like one of us, God in the flesh.  Or is it that You have made us to be like You?  You have come to lead the way.  You have come to give the example of what living life is to be like. You have loved us so much that You have given up Your body on a tree that we might be able to be with You forever.  What an amazing God You are!

Lord Jesus, firstborn among many brethren, God in the flesh and the light shining in the darkness, though I may never fully comprehend the magnificence of what this means, help me to look to the Father as You taught us to look.  Help me to do those things You have taught us to do.  Help me to follow You as You asked me to do.  Through all things, help me be Your disciple.  Amen.