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CELEBRATING GLOBAL MISSION ( is a new, free, web based publication that “Informs, inspires & encourages Lutherans to take the Gospel to the nations”! The compelling PURPOSE behind CGM is the Great Commission: Jesus’ timeless command to “Go and make disciples of all the nations (ethne)”. The HEART of CGM is the faithful, challenging, difficult and fruitful work of our founding global mission partners: World Mission Prayer League, Lutheran Bible Translators and Friends of Madagascar Mission. Their front line missionary stories will be featured on a regular basis, along with other Lutheran agencies that may join us in the future, in  a wide-ranging collection of world mission themed articles published quarterly.

CGM is published by Awakening Lives to World Missions, in partnership with Bible Alive Ministries. The experienced team includes Rev. Bill Moberly, Editor; Rev. Kent Groethe, Consulting Editor (founding editor and publisher of Connections Magazine the first decade), and Joy Minion is Publishing Editor. She had the same role the first ten years of Connections.

Rev. August Carlson was a pioneer Lutheran Missionary to India from 1878-1882. He had a profound love for Christ and was a clarion voice for the missionary needs among the unreached. As was common in the early days, many missionaries left the USA not knowing if they would ever return. He pleaded passionately in many letters to the Synod to send more workers. Rev. Carlson also “advocated a periodical devoted wholly to missions, expressing the fear that missionary information might otherwise eventually come to be relegated to a less important place and missions itself come to be looked upon as secondary in importance.” That is where we are today in much of our Lutheran family! It is in that same Spirit that we commend to you CGM. The first issue was published in May. The second issue will be available mid July!