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“But now you also, put them all aside: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and abusive speech from your mouth” (Colossians 3:8).

The old Adam (Eve) rages in the inner person but the new person justified by grace through faith lives in  the Spirit of Christ and works for the peace that surpasses all understanding.  But keep in mind, this is done not to gain, for you have already been given life, but to prepare to share that life in eternity with Christ.  Therefore, in putting these hurtful things aside, do so in the fullness of love and never in a self-motivated act of the will.  But do put them aside.

Lord, You know where I struggle.  There are those who do not have this struggle, but they have their own struggles.  No matter the struggle I have with the flesh, guide me, Lord, so that I would walk humbly with You and do what is pleasing in Your sight.  Lead me, O Lord, and I will be led.  Teach me Lord and help me to learn.  In all things, guide me to spend eternity with You by living according to Your will.

Lord Jesus, You are the example of the godly life.  Day by day and step by step, You showed Your disciples the way of living life in a way that is pleasing to the Father.  Help me to put aside those things that are not good, right and salutary.  Help me to do what is right regardless of how I feel.  In and through all things, continue to work in me Your good will that I may be ready to be with You forever.  Amen.