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“You are witnesses, and so is God, how devoutly and uprightly and blamelessly we behaved toward you believers” (1 Thessalonians 2:10)

You are witnesses.  You are the ones who have heard the Gospel and followed the Lord.  Do you live your life as a witness?  When you have seen something amazing, do you not share it?  You are a witness of the most amazing thing of all.  Do you not share it?  This is spoken to us again and again that we might not hide what we have been given but share this life of Christ which is ours and to be shared with all whom we meet.

In this world, we are told to mind our own business.  This is usually said by someone who is not minding their own business but attempting to mind ours.  The Lord has called us into His eternal presence.  The Lord has given us His goodness and mercy. The Lord asks that we respond by living uprightly and blamelessly in a world gone mad.  Live as one who follows the Lord and your behavior will gain attention.

Lord, You know what I need.  You know what stands in the way.  You know where I need to go.  Lead me, O Lord, so that I would follow You wherever You go.  Help me to live by Your example and as You are teaching me to live.  Guide me to behave consistently, whether in public or private, so that how my life is lived may provide an example and be an encouragement for others.  Amen.