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“For we wanted to come to you – I, Paul, more than once – and yet Satan hindered us.  For who is our hope or joy or crown of exultation?  Is it not even you, in the presence of our Lord Jesus at His coming?  For you are our glory and joy” (1 Thessalonians 2:18-20).

Do not focus only upon yourselves or what you are doing.  Instead, look to others and see what the Lord is accomplishing.  Do not be guided by the wickedness of this world but be transformed by the goodness of Christ in His mercy.  There are hindrances and the wicked one means them to stop you.  The Lord allows them to teach you to persevere.  Whom will you follow?  The wicked one or the Lord?

Lord, lead my life so that I would not be hindered by anyone or anything.  Guide me in Your goodness to see that in You alone is all hope and the glory of a life lived as You created it to be lived.  Let me be aware of Your presence, walking in this faith knowing that you are leading me.  Through all things, help me to know that it is You alone whom I serve.  I can do all things as You lead me to do them.

Lord Jesus, in You alone is all hope.  You have given grace upon grace and You have made possible the life of faith I have in You.  Lead me this day so that I would humbly walk in Your presence.  Guide me according to Your purposes in order that I would know more fully this day the truth You have revealed.  Let me be as Paul and the other disciples, giving witness of Your presence and purpose in my life.  Amen.