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“[H]aving a reputation for good works; and if she has brought up children, if she has shown hospitality to strangers, if she has washed the saints’ feet, if she has assisted those in distress, and if she has devoted herself to every good work” (1 Timothy 5:10).

Those who are not in need ask for handouts.  That’s our modern culture.  Many have their hands out.  If you do not give it, they curse you.  That’s the wickedness that has always been around.  We are not expected to do all things for all people.  Jesus didn’t, we shouldn’t try.  But we are expected to come into the goodness of Christ and the way is practicing charity and good deeds  when a need truly exists .  Help out when and where the Holy Spirit leads.

Lord, this is so simple to see, but so difficult to do in this world.  We are so enamored with what others think, say and do, that we do not look at the utter simplicity of whether another is behaving like Your follower.  The world can call it what it will, but it is that simple.  Help me to see the simplicity of things and to live according to Your Word and in the Father’s will.

Lord Jesus, You have established the way.  Yes, we are assuredly saved by what You have done for us, but You have called us to live a new life of humble obedience as Your disciples.  Teach me that I am no better than a beggar.  When I shirk what You have asked me to do, bring me to repentance.  Teach me to be faithful to the calling You have given me, going where You send me, and doing what You give me to do.  Amen.