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Lutheran CORE continues to provide monthly video reviews of books of interest and importance.  Many thanks to NALC pastor Jeffray Greene for giving us a video review of the book Ethics by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  According to Pastor Greene, “The thoughts are profound and will cause you to think on a different level.”  Pastor Greene acknowledges that “it is not an easy read,” and this is the third time he has read it, but he shares that “if you allow it to be digested, it will help you to further shape the understanding and wisdom that God gives through Scripture.” 

Bonhoeffer was a deep thinker who struggled with the good and evil which surrounded him.  His was a keen mind which wrestled with the horrific realities which the twentieth century produced.  Unlike many of his fellow citizens, he was fully aware of the atrocities of the Holocaust and the decadence of the Nazi regime.  After lengthy incarceration and concentration camp privation, he was executed by the Nazis on April 9, 1945, just days before the Allied liberation. 

While wrestling with these things in the privation caused by a tyrannical and self-destructive regime, Bonhoeffer did not focus on what he saw around him with eyes that judged the evil.  Rather he focused on the goodness of God, which calls us to live according to the Lord’s purposes.  Pastor Greene concludes, “To do so is what ethics is all about.”     

This review, as well as fourteen others, have been posted on our YouTube channel.  A link to the channel can be found here.