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“But avoid irreverent babble, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness, and their talk will spread like gangrene” (2 Timothy 2:2:16-17a).

The point of using decent and reverent language is to teach us reverence.  The wicked one would have us use irreverent language to teach us irreverence.  Words themselves are powerful.  We are to love our neighbor such that we do not say things that will cause them to stumble.  We are to be guided by putting on the best possible construction.  Do not participate in the spreading of what is ungodly.

Lord, You have come that we may have a new, clean, and upright heart.  You have come that we may learn from You how to be respectful and reverent.  Lead me, O Lord, in living the way of life such that I would now and always be guided by You.  In Your grace and mercy, continue to grow in me the goodness of Your presence and purpose in my life.  Lead me according to that goodness to become like You.

Lord Jesus, You have given me the words of everlasting life.  Let me not defile them with irreverent words that will cause me to not give the best possible foot forward in proclaiming that I am Your follower.  Lead me in Your goodness to see that in You is all hope and an eternal future.  Guide me in that goodness to learn piety and practice my faith both in public and in private.  Amen.