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“Now in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver but also of wood and clay, some for honorable use, some for dishonorable” (2 Timothy 2:20).

We each have those parts of who we are that are, in a word, honorable and dishonorable.  We each put on our pants one leg at a time.  Be whom the Lord made you to be, but never lose sight of the reality that You have been created in both His image and the same as those around you.  Kings and paupers are of the same substance  though life takes them along different paths.  Do not be led by anything other than the word of the Lord.

Lord, You know where I stumble and fall.  You know the places where I see myself as special when I am only ordinary.  You also know the times and places where I need to step up and out to use the gifts I have for the sake of those around me.  Guide me Lord to walk humbly with You, but boldly in the faith You have given me.  Guide me into all goodness for Your sake so that I may be faithful.

Jesus, God in the flesh, in walking humbly in our midst, You showed us how to live life.  You, who are the Author of life, walked as just another ordinary person.  In that example, help me to be both bold in faith and humble in demeanor.  Guide me, Lord, according to Your purposes, to do those things You would have me do as You grow in me Your likeness.  Help me to be faithful as You are faithful.  Amen.