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March 13, 2022: 2nd Sunday in Lent

Jeremiah 26:8-15 (Jeremiah prophesies against Zion, is marked for death; urges repentance)   

     ELW/RCL: Genesis 15:1-12, (13-16), 17-18 (God “cuts a covenant” with Abram)

Psalm 4 (The Lord sets apart his faithful; ponder, pray, offer sacrifice, be patient) 

     ELW/RCL: Psalm 27 (The Lord is my light and salvation; I desire to see the beauty of God)

 Philippians 3:17-4:1 (follow example of those who are in Christ; our citizenship is in heaven; stand firm in Christ who transforms us from humiliation to his glory)

Luke 13:31-35 (Jesus, must die in Jerusalem; longs to gather its people beneath his wings)




For the Church, the world, and our poor sinful selves, let us pray to our Lord, who is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

A brief silence

Lord Jesus, thank you for gathering your people beneath your wings. Your mercy covers our sins – and gives us courage to repent. Let us always remember your sacrifice, walk in the pathway you set before us, and stand firm in you, our Savior, Redeemer, and God.

Lord God, hear our prayer.


Purify and transform your Church. Make it your lamp, shining in this sin-darkened world. Draw it close to you, so that through it, many who are afar off may also be drawn close to you, their light and their life.

Lord God, hear our prayer.


We plead for all who suffer because they name you as Lord. Hide them in the shadow of your wings. Transform their humiliation into your glory. By their patience in suffering, cause their tormentors to repent of their evil deeds.

Lord God, hear our prayer.


Bless this congregation with your dear presence. Make us mirror your humble, self-giving love to everyone we encounter.


Lord God, hear our prayer.


We pray for our enemies and for all who hate you. We pray for the wicked, the spiteful, the violent, the remorseless, and the cruel. Deliver them from the Evil One. Forgive their sins. Give them grace to repent. Heal their spirits, clear their minds, and transform their hearts into thrones worthy of you.


Lord God, hear our prayer.


Through our Baptism, we have been made citizens of your heavenly Kingdom, but we still live in this world. Therefore, we pray for our earthly leaders; for all who wield power and authority; and for all who stand in harm’s way in defense of life and liberty. Give them wisdom, integrity, humility, a hunger for justice and a thirst for mercy. And bestow your heavenly peace upon us all.

Lord God, hear our prayer.


Loving Savior, gather the sick, sorrowing, suffering, and dying beneath your holy wings. Especially we pray for: {List}. Grant them shelter, healing, and hope. Bestow upon to them your strong saving love. Strengthen and encourage everyone who cares for them.

Lord God, hear our prayer.


Most holy Jesus, we entrust to you our faithful departed, and all the innocent victims of violence and injustice – especially your precious little ones whose lives were snuffed out before birth. Shelter them all with your never-failing love. Comfort all who mourn with your never-failing compassion. Guide all who still walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Bring all whom you have redeemed through your passion, death, and resurrection, into your Kingdom, where with your Father and the Holy Spirit, you reign in never-failing joy, peace and love.


Lord God, hear our prayer.


Hear us, dear Lord; and answer our prayers according to your will, to your glory and for the benefit of the people you came to save.