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“And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil” (2 Timothy2:24)

Listen carefully to this and then understand why few are to be teachers (James 3:1).  The church is filled with quarrelsome people.  There are those who want you to think like they do.  But the servant of the Lord is kind to everyone.  The servant of the Lord learns how to be patient.  All must learn to endure the constant evil of this age.  Endure, yes, but never accept, promote, or even tolerate what is not from the Lord.

Lord, You walked this earth and You know how difficult it can be amidst all the noise and distractions to live a life of thanks, praise and commitment.  You, Lord, who knew no sin have had compassion on us who walk in this age and do not know what You know.  Lead me and all those who seek You out of the insanity of this age.  Lead me to not be quarrelsome, nor unkind, but to be firm in the faith You have given me.

Lord Jesus, You came to save all who believe from the evils of this world.  Lead me, O Lord, in the way of everlasting life.  Guide me by Your goodness so that I would now and always walk humbly with You.  Guide me to be kind to all whom I meet, friend or foe.  Lead me away from the quarrels of this age.  Teach me how to teach in order that I may share the truth of the Gospel You have shared with me.  Amen.

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