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“Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men corrupted in mind and disqualified regarding the faith” (2 Timothy 3:8).

The story is of two who opposed the miracles of God that Moses displayed before Pharaoh.  Close, but not the same.  The wicked one copies, for he can do nothing truly new on his own.  He copies and perverts.  There are those who practice something close to Christian orthodoxy; close, but perverted.  Practice your righteousness and do not allow any leaven into the lump.  Do not oppose what God has given.

Lord, we all have a tendency to go our own way.  Let me not be led by my own way, nor by the wiles of the wicked one, but by the truth You have revealed once for all.  Guide me, O Lord, in the way You know I need to go and help me now and always to follow.  I would rather be unknown by the world while following You so that where I am known, it is seen that I am following only You.  Lead me in truth.

Lord Jesus, You have paved the way for as many as believe.  Guide me this day so that I would forever hold fast to truth.  Teach me well that I may know the little things that get sneaked in.  Let me not fake anything, but be honest, humble, and truthful in all things.  Guide me, Lord Jesus, so that I would never oppose You and always oppose the wicked ones mimicking partial truth in their schemes.  Amen.