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“What use is it, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but he has no works?  Can that faith save him?” (James 2:14)

When we know that we are in the law of liberty, that is, we have decisions we can and do make, but that salvation is the free gift of the Lord, we can better understand how to connect this idea with what Jesus says.  Jesus said that we are to bear fruit if we have faith (and hear the “if.”)  If, the imperative, then we will do things that are in accordance with the Father’s will.  How can one then not bear fruit?

Jesus cursed the fig tree that bore no fruit.  The one who says anything contrary to what they are doing is a liar.  We are to be consistent in thought, word, and deed.  What you believe is what you act upon.  When you have faith, actions come out of that faith.  You will do according to that in which you have faith.  Come then, live your life in accordance with all that Jesus has commanded.

Lord Jesus, You know where I live out the conundrum that Paul explained in Romans seven.  You know where I am conflicted within myself.  Lead me, Lord, in the way of true life so that what I say and what I do are the same thing.  Guide me, O Lord, in order that I may learn from You and not just hear your words and have them fall away from me.  Teach me how to put into practice this faith which You have given me.  Amen.

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