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“Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself” (James 2:17).

One of the interesting things for an unbeliever looking at Christians is that they do not understand how faith can be a virtue.  But here you have it.  One the one hand, everyone has faith in something.  From that faith they act.  But here, we see that the world’s faith looks at the Christian message and sees that one who subscribes verbally is one who has faith.  Not so.  Faith bears fruit.

Lord, You know that if my heart is not in it, what I say are just empty words.  Lead me, Lord, in the way of heart-truth so that I would live according to the goodness of Your grace and mercy.  Show me how, O Lord, from the heart out to be one who acts upon this faith You have given me.  Guide me now and forever in order that I would hold fast to the truth You have revealed through Jesus.

Lord Jesus, in Your grace I have hope upon hope.  Lead me, Lord, in this hope You have given me so that I would live by it and through it with You.  It is not that I need earn anything, but that if I truly believe, I will act upon what I believe.  Let me not be led astray by this world’s way of looking at things, but by Your way that You have put into my heart.  Guide me to be genuine and true to the faith You have given me.  Amen.

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