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“So also the tongue is a small part of the body, and yet it boasts of great things” (James 3:5).

If somehow you could imagine an alien creature trying to figure out the most important part of human anatomy, you might well imagine they would say the tongue, or at least our mouth.  It is the focus of so many things.  And the reaction it causes.  It was the power behind the likes of Hitler.  The tongue — a small organ that can cause so much damage — speaks and the ear listens.

The Lord is giving instructions that are important.  Those of men, not so much: ”You must do this-or-that or you will have no hope.”  Those given by the Lord are what you do when you have hope.  You know that the Lord will walk with you and help you through these things.  He will lead you to curb your tongue and guard your mouth.  He intends to make you perfect (complete your sanctification) – and He will.  When you boast, boast in the greatness of the Lord.

Lord Jesus, we have in the Bible hundreds of  Your sayings.  These have changed the world.  How few words You needed to say to accomplish so much.  Help me learn from You so that I may learn to be guarded with the words I use.  Help me to be very intentional in my speech and learn how to say things in a way that points to You.  Lead my tongue and all the rest of me to follow You, my Lord and Master.  Amen.