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“Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

Humility requires submission.  The last thing, no, the one thing the devil will not do is submit to the Lord.  There are many who will join the devil willingly.  Do not be as those whose pride is more important than truth.  You and I are whom we are and we did not make ourselves.  We are created.  Look to the Creator of all and know that He will lift you up if you bow down before Him.

Lord, pride has gotten me into nothing but trouble throughout my life.  People do not listen to me.  And they do not need to.  People do not do what is right.  Neither do I.  I am what I am and  I am not You.  Lord, teach me to humble myself that I may not walk in the anxiety of pride, but live in the peace of humility.  Guide me to live in submission to Your Goodness and mercy all the days of my life.

Lord Jesus, You have come into the world giving up status, position, and power so that all who follow you will not perish but have everlasting life.  Help me now and always to live into the new life You give me by humbly submitting to You.  Guide me forever in Your mercy in order that I would be in submission to what You have taught me.  Lead me in humility dear Savior.  Amen.