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“Your gold and your silver have rusted; and their rust will be a witness against you and will consume your flesh like fire. It is in the last days that you have stored up your treasure!” (James 5:3)

Yes, gold and silver corrode.  Things in this world are temporary, even the things we think permanent.  There will be a new heaven and a new earth.  Thus, the Lord has spoken.  Do not fall into the trap of thinking that anything other than the Lord is forever.  He made all things and only in Him is there a forever.  Come then and live the life which is forever and do not cling to what is temporary.

Lord, teach me to enjoy the things You have given me to use on this earth, but to know that only You are permanent.  Teach me to be a good steward, for that is an approved character, but my property, that which I tend and care for is only temporary.  Lead me, Lord, in the way You want me to go and then help me go in that direction.  In and through all things, guide me in the upward way of being Your disciple.

Lord Jesus, You call all disciples the same way by saying, “Come and follow me.”  Lead me in the way of life and help me to become aware of what You are doing.  In You is all hope and an eternal future.  Guide me into that future and help me to cling to You.  You are my Rock and Salvation.  In You is all hope.  You know what I need, Lord.  Thank You for lifting me up into Your never-failing love.  Amen.