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15th Sunday after Pentecost, Proper 20, Cycle C (September 18, 2022)


Amos 8:4-7 (God sees the deeds of the greedy who despoil the poor)


Psalm 113 (Praise God; he raises the poor from the dust!)


1 Timothy 2:1-15 (Pray for all, including rulers, so we may live at peace; women dress modestly and be silent in assembly)


                ELW/RCL: 1 Timothy 2:1-7 (gee, can you guess what’s missing?!)


Luke 16:1-15 (Parable of dishonest servant)


                ELW/RCL: Luke 16:1-13 (Eliminates rebuke of Pharisees)



Let us pray in the name of Jesus to our heavenly Father for the Church, the world, and one another.

A brief silence

Dear Father, thank you for your holy Word, even when it makes us squirm. Thank you for being patient with us. Thank you for lifting us up when we fall away from your commands. Thank you for restoring us, when we have repented, to positions of trust and to the task of proclaiming the Gospel.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Bless your Church throughout the world. Fill it with faithful teachers and preachers of your Word. Kindle its worship to be a living flame of praise to you. Make it wise as serpents and innocent as doves as it bears witness to Jesus. Give it grace to lavish the treasures of your Kingdom on all who need them.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.


Lord, we may smile or shudder to hear the parable of the dishonest servant – especially at a time of year when stewardship is often lifted up. Bless this congregation in its stewardship of time, talents, treasures, and testimony. Help us to be honest, eager, and ingenious as we use whatever has been entrusted to us, for the sake of your Kingdom, and for the benefit of our neighbor.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.


Give faithfulness and wisdom to theologians, evangelists, missionaries, and seminarians. Raise up new pastors, deacons, and discipleship guides, for the need is great. And give courage and grace to your suffering and persecuted church throughout the world.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.


Grant integrity and common sense to our earthly leaders. Make them honest stewards of the power and authority granted to them, for they must give an account of their stewardship to you, their Master and King. Be the shield and defender of first responders and those in the military. Use their labors to accomplish your will in places of chaos and violence. Help us all to have a heart for the poor, and the will to assist them effectively and graciously.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.


Bless volunteers and workers, not only in this church, but throughout the world, who seek to serve you and neighbor. Multiply their gifts and talents, so that through their labors, many people receive mercy, comfort, and a clear sign of your providential care.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.


You raise the poor from the dust and care for all who cry out to you. Therefore with confidence and hope, we remember before you all who are afflicted in body, mind, or spirit, including: {List}. Bring them out of darkness into your glorious light; and restore them to fellowship with all who love them.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Gracious Father, receive into your Kingdom all the faithful departed, especially those dearest to us. Keep us steadfast in faith; diligent in service; truthful in word and honest in deed. Bind us together in cords of love and compassion for one another. Bring us, with all whom you have redeemed, into the fullness of your presence. Give us hearts, minds, and voices, forever to adore and glorify you, in the blessed communion you share with your Son and the Holy Spirit.

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.


In the power of the Holy Spirit, we entrust our prayers and petitions into your hands, gracious Father, for the sake of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  AMEN.