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“For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil” (1 Peter 3:17).

Those who follow the Lord are never to repay evil with evil.  Our Lord taught us to repay evil with good.  Putting on Christ is not just a slogan, but a spiritual reality.  With Christ leading, the Holy Spirit speaking, and the goal of pleasing the Father present, one begins to understand the Christian life. Walk with the Lord through the evil of this age that You may join Him forever.

Lord, everything is Your will.  There is nothing that passes by You without Your notice.  You have given the promise that everything has purpose in You.  Help me to understand this and in times of difficulty, guide me into the goodness of Your grace and mercy.  Lead me, O Lord, and teach me to humbly follow.  Speak to me, Lord, through Your preachers and teachers that I may understand all that You are asking me to do.

Lord Jesus, You modeled how to do this as You headed to Your own crucifixion.  Lead me, O Lord, in the way of everlasting life.  Guide me according to Your grace and mercy so that I would do good and not evil.  Help me to see how You handled situations and to imitate You in my reaction to the evil which presses in against me.  Lead me, Lord Jesus, in the way of life.  Amen.