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“And, “If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?” (1 Peter 4:18)

Do you think lightly of your salvation?  Are you one who thinks a little bit is just fine?  Jesus did not come to save a part of you, but the whole of you.  From the inside out, He will make of you one who is in His image.  Therefore, this passage is true.  If the righteous fear, what should those who take these things so lightly do?  This does not even consider the ungodly who hate the Lord.

Lord, my heart does need to often reconsider what I think about faith.  I do sometimes think way too lightly of these things.  Yet, I cannot save myself, so being all somber and serious cannot be the answer either.  Lord, lead me.  This alone is the answer.  You must lead and I must follow.  Guide me in the upward way of faith so that I may walk humbly with You leading my Lord and Savior.

Lord Jesus, You told us to take upon ourselves Your yoke and walk with You.  At times salvation seems so easy and at other times, it seems impossible.  Guide me dear Lord in the way You know I need to go.  Help me to understand that only in You is there any hope at all.  Keep me from the way of the ungodly and help me on the path of righteousness which You have set before me.  Amen.

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