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THE PRAYERS, Christmas Day, Cycle A

Sunday, December 25, 2022: Christmas Day, the Nativity of Our Lord


Isaiah 52:7-10 (How beautiful the feet of messengers who announce, ‘Your God reigns;’ the

            ends of the earth shall see his salvation)

Psalm 2 (You are my Son; today have I begotten you; you shall rule the nations)

            RCL/ELW: Psalm 98

Hebrews 1:1-12 (The Son, the perfect image of God, far higher than angels)

John 1:1-18 (In the beginning was the Word…)

            RC/ELW: John 1:1-14



Let us pray that Jesus brings light, salvation, and peace to the church, the world, and all people.

A brief silence


O Word made flesh, who dwells among us, bless the Church with a glimpse of your glory. Let it worship with the angels’ adoration, the bliss of Mother Mary, the quiet goodness of Joseph, and the reverence of the shepherds. Give it words to proclaim your glory and love, especially to those who do not know you. Through its witness, unite the world in the song first sung at your birth: “Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on earth!”

Lord, in your mercy, please hear our prayer.


You are higher than every angel, and yet you are pleased to dwell in our midst. Bless this congregation with joyful hearts, fervent worship, eager witness, loving service, and kindly fellowship. In all we say and do, let us bear witness to you, our Savior and our God.

Lord, in your mercy, please hear our prayer.


O Prince of Peace, protect and bless your persecuted servants, especially during this season of light. Turn their suffering for the sake of your Name into great joy. Transform their tormentors into confessors of your undeserved mercy.

Lord, in your mercy, please hear our prayer.


Even the feet of your servants are beautiful when they speed to announce your strong saving love to those who despair of your existence, power, or goodness. Bless, therefore, all missionaries of the Gospel of Peace; all Christian relief organizations; every soup kitchen, homeless shelter, assisted living facility, and hospice; and every herald of your Kingdom who gladdens the hearts of those who sit in darkness and sorrow.

Lord, in your mercy, please hear our prayer.

Born a Child, you are the King of all nations, and their Lord. Conform the rulers of this world to your glorious and gentle rule. Teach them to do your will; love justice and mercy; to walk humbly with you; and to be a blessing to the people entrusted to their care.

Lord, in your mercy, please hear our prayer.


You are the heaven-born Prince of Peace. But in this sinful world, violence and warfare trouble your people even on Christmas morning. Let your holy angels shield, strengthen, and direct the words and actions of all in the military; all first responders; and anyone whose work is difficult and dangerous. Give their loved ones “tidings of comfort and joy,” and homecomings that are filled with solace, healing, and peace.

Lord, in your mercy, please hear our prayer.

O Sun of Righteousness, arise with healing in your wings and bestow the glorious light of your salvation upon all who sit in the darkness of suffering and the shadow of death. Restore them to life and hope; encourage all who care for them; and let the great good news of your birth among us adorn their suffering with unconquerable joy.

Lord, in your mercy, please hear our prayer.

In you, dear Jesus, we see the eternal love of your Father’s heart, and the eternal glory of his Kingdom. Thank you for drawing into his embrace all those who died trusting in your goodness. Wipe away the tears from those who grieve. Give us your blessed comfort, your precious forgiveness, and your ever-faithful guidance. Fit us for your Kingdom: lead us into the bright courts of heaven, and into the endless Day, where with your Father and the Holy Spirit, you reign in undisturbed joy and blessedness, now and forever.

Lord, in your mercy, please hear our prayer.

Hear and mercifully grant us, dear Lord, all that we ask that conforms to your good and perfect will for us, for your Name’s sake. AMEN.