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“And I will make every effort to see that after my departure you will always be able to remember these things” (2 Peter 1:15).

We have the Lord’s Word of truth.  These things have been recorded for our benefit.  Listen to what the Lord has to say.  Know that it is from Him.  Those who come into the life of the Lord speak as He would have them speak.  So speak as the Lord would have you speak and do what the Lord would have you do.  In Him is life and His Word is the thing to truly remember.  Become able as the Lord leads you.

Lord, You have given so many ways in which to remember the goodness of Your grace and mercy You have given us.  In that grace and mercy, lead me, O Lord.  Guide me according to Your goodness to learn how to better listen as You speak in many and various ways.  Bring me into communion with all Your saints so that I too may speak Your word and hold to the truth You have revealed.

Jesus, You are the way, truth, and life.  You have paid the price for our redemption.  Keep me steadfast, Lord, in the faith so that I may now and always walk humbly in Your presence, speak Your word, and hear as You speak to me.  Lead me in the way You alone know I need to go.  Guide me in Your purpose so that in all things I may be forever in Your presence and live in truth.  Help me to  remember You always.  Amen.