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“He received honor and glory from God the Father when the voice came to him from the Majestic Glory, saying, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased” (2 Peter 1:17).

Peter heard this testimony on the mount of transfiguration.  The same Peter who fumbled and bumbled throughout the Gospels (and who would allow such things to be written about them if not true, especially when they were a leader of the church?).  He gives us a true witness of the truth of who Jesus is.  Listen to, read, mark and inwardly digest the word of the Lord and know that in Him is life and light.  He will guide those who believe in and through His power.

Lord, You know all that is needed.  You have come so that we may have life and have it abundantly.  Guide me, dear Lord, in the way of everlasting life in order that I may now and forever be guided by You in the way which prepares me to be with You eternally.  Help me to live life such that when I am before You face to face, I too will hear that You are well pleased with my life of faith that I have lived.

Guide me Lord Jesus in Your power this day to do all I can in the way of living toward the prize of faith.  Let me not treat what You have said as fables or myths, but as the revealed truth that it is.  Guide me in the Gospel way to live into the life You have given me by grace through faith.  Help me know that Your Word is forever and that by it You have given me a living hope in You.  Amen.