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“[T]hrough which the world at that time was destroyed, being flooded with water” (2 Peter 3:6)

The scoffers ask, “How could God destroy humanity?”  Sometimes, I wonder why He hasn’t destroyed it as He did in Noah’s time.  People can be so hateful and mean.  But God has His purpose in all things.  He will fulfill all the promises He has made.  It will come to pass just as He has spoken it.  Do not just look to the way things are, but to the way He will make them to be.  Look to the Lord in and for all things.

Lord, help me to see through all the nonsense of this world.  Guide me in Your goodness to understand that You have a plan and that all things shall work out according to Your plan.  You have promised that all things shall work together for our good because of Your steadfast love.  Guide me now and always by that love to know that in You is all hope and an eternal future.  Lead me out of death (the wages of sin) and into new life in You.

Lord Jesus, You are the life that has been promised.  You have come so that we who believe may have new life and have it abundantly.  Guide me as I am conformed to You in order that I would grow each day into Your likeness.  Help me to see through the dark clouds of this age and understand the clarity of Your promise.  Hold me fast to Your Word of promise that I may live by grace through faith, knowing that You are the way, truth and life.  Amen.