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“[W]ild waves of the sea, casting up their own shame like foam; wandering stars, for whom the black darkness has been reserved forever” (Jude 1:13).

The deeds of the wicked are as evident as they are repulsive.  They know no shame.  Do not be deceived, those who practice such things are bound for eternal darkness.  Has not Jesus told us that what we believe will be evident by our deeds?  Live as one who believes that Jesus has paid the price for your sin and freed you to be His disciple.  Be guided by His goodness and mercy.

Lord, in the moment it seems like the wicked get their way, but time does tell a different story.  Lead me in Your goodness always so that I do what is right in Your eyes.  Do not let me be led astray by those who practice wickedness in this world.  Instead, help me to be led by You and the goodness and mercy You have made available in abundance from the cross by Your grace.  Guide me, dear Jesus, in the way of truth.

Lord Jesus, You have come so that those who trust in You may live life differently from those in the world who are always practicing wickedness for their own ends.  Let me see the futility of this so that I may live by what is right, good and salutary.  Help me to learn how to live righteously in a world filled with anger, hatred, and greed.  Guide me according to the Father’s will to do what is right always.  Amen.

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