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“The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His bond-servants, the things which must soon take place; and He sent and communicated it by His angel to His bond-servant John, who testified to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, even to all that he saw” (Revelation 1:1-2).

The Greek word used here is slave, for the slaves of Jesus.  Are you His slave?  Is Jesus the One calling the shots?  This revelation is given for the sake of the saints.  It is not to convict anyone of anything, but to encourage us to walk the path of faith knowing that in the end, it shall be as the Lord says.  Will you trust in yourself or submit to the promises and revelation of the Lord.

Lord, You know all that is needed.  You have said these things so that we will not live in the fears of this age.  As I study Your word, grant a full measure of Your Spirit so that I may understand what You are saying and not listen to how the world would twist what You say.  I am Your slave.  I cannot live rightly without You.  You must lead me, help me and guide me in the way of living a new life.

Lord Jesus, You came into this sinful world and You were killed by it which was Your intention.  You did it for us.  By the grace You have purchased for us, guide me according to the Father’s will.  Yes, Lord, lead me into new life.  I am Your slave.  Lead me through the struggle I have with this.  Help me to totally trust You for You alone have the words of eternal life.  Guide me into the life You have promised by grace through faith.  Amen.

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