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“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt by the second death”(Revelation 2:11).

There is the first death which awaits us all.  There is also the second death which is the eternal separation from the Lord.  Do not fear the first as most in this world do.  Fear the second, for anything you think bad in this world pales in comparison to what the second death brings.  Accept the love of the Lord and live into the life He gives you through faith.  Know that in Him is life and liberty.

Lord, I do not fully understand, and I do fear, but it is pointless.  This world sells the lie of living forever when we all know that everyone dies.  The Lord loves me and I am going to die.  But this little death is not the big deal.  Yes, you want to live, but learn how to live the new life and live forever.  It will be on the Lord’s terms, not your own.  Learn how to overcome this world through the One who has overcome the world.

Lord Jesus, I need saving.  Only You are able to do what must be done.  Guide me now and forever to live the life You give, knowing that though I will die, I shall live forever with You.  In the mystery of the faith, lift up my countenance to face all obstacles knowing that You are with me and the nothing anyone else will do can change the simple fact that I am yours forever.  Amen