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“Therefore repent; or else I am coming to you quickly, and I will make war against them with the sword of My mouth” (Revelation 2:15).

The church has been in a constant struggle since Jesus ascended.  Why? Because people are either going this way or that way and not truly following Jesus.  To the heretics, watch out, the battle of wickedness continues.  Many religious have spent the last five hundred years in a war of words.  Amongst all these wars is the simple truth of the Gospel.  It is time for Christians to stop being at war with one another.

Rightly so, Lord, have You unleashed all the rhetoric of the past few centuries.  The wicked use whatever they can to foster their wickedness – and it shows.  But the faithful continue to struggle to be faithful in a world of evil.  Let the words of my mouth be in harmony with Your Law and Gospel.  Guide me to do good, love You and my neighbor, and learn how to obey all Your commandments.

Lord Jesus, Your Word, which endures forever, shall never fail.  We live in a time when so many cheap words fly all over the place and people are functionally ignorant.  Help me to learn from You to hear and obey the words of everlasting life.  Guide me through the morass of the war of words so that my heart remains with You and subject to Your Gospel.  Lead me, Lord, in the way of truth and life.  Amen.