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“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Revelation 3:29).

I have known deaf people who hear more clearly that those we call hearing.  Our Lord desires that we grow in wisdom and understanding.  Open your heart and let the word of our Lord dwell in you.  The world’s spirit is screaming.  The gracious voice of the Spirit is always speaking.  Listen, hear, and walk by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Be led by the Lord and not by this world.

The world raises up causes.  Which cause will be your cause?  The author of life gives life and calls us to come to Him and live with and in Him.  Which path will you walk?  Each day this dichotomy is set before us.  Each day we can walk one way or another.  The Lord desires to create in us a new and clean heart that hears the Spirit and walks anew in the truth of the ages.

Lord Jesus, I cannot do this on my own.  I need Your Spirit to guide me in and through all things.  Help me to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and callous to the voice of this age.  Lead me where You will and help me to always be attune to Your guidance and direction.  You have spoken and You are speaking.  Guide me in the upward heavenly call to be with You where, with the Father and the Holy Spirit You reign now and forever.  Amen.